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  • Full Circle - Cleopatra Records 2023
    Released: Cleopatra Records - 2023
    Formats: CD, Vinyl LP, and Digital Download
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    Band Members: Roger Boyd, Darren Walker, Greg Manahan, Eddy Jones, and Mark Murtha
    Additional Harmony Vocals: Lisa Murtha
    Initial Perfromances on Treat Me Right: Roger Boyd, John Schlitt, Steve Huston, Mike Somerville, and Dan Birney

    Note - The intial tracks to Treat Me Right were recorded decades ago but were originally unfinished and unreleased. Darren, Greg, Eddy, Mark, and Roger decided to finish the recording bringing it around "Full Circle".
  • 1.  Never Been Any Reason
    2.  Since You Been Gone
    3.  City Of Gold
    4.  Fly By Night Lady
    5.  Raise A Little Hell
    6.  Treat Me Right
    7.  If You Knew Me Better
    8.  Say Yeah!
    9.  Prisoner
    10.  You Can't Go Home
    11.  Jefftown Creek
    12.  One Against The Other
    13.  Love Me Tonight

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