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Been a fan since the 70's, keep the great music coming out ... peace.

Diann Bishop
York, PA - September 18, 2017

The best show I ever saw, late 70's. Head East opened for Foreigner and they were a joke after the Head East performance. One of the best bands ever, thanks for all the memories.

Roger Dotson
Wise, VA - September 14, 2017

Sad I missed you in Council Bluffs.

Harriet Longwell
Omaha, NE - August 21, 2017

We love you down here in Evansville, Indiana please come back.

Devin Vaught
Evansville, IN - August 20, 2017

I got to know Roger when they played Charleston and Carbondale, 1970-1971.

Carl Orndoff
Windsor, IL - July 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Darren Walker, Head East great lead singer...Say Yeah great tune!

Chris Cundiff
Dongola, IL - June 20, 2017

Looking forward to seeing the band In Oshkosh on the 22nd!

Stu Brazee
Neenah, WI - June 18, 2017

The more I hear Get up and Enjoy Yourself, the more I enjoy it. Surely it's one of Rock's Greatest Anthem Songs, as big as We Are The Champions if it was just given some Air Time. Awesome song. But Head East has many awesome songs!!!

Chris Cundiff
Illinois - June 10, 2017

Always a fan, would love to see ya'll again!!!!!

Richard Bond
Pine Bluff, AR - April 15, 2017

The website updates look great! Thanks for all you do keeping us informed about the band.

Beth Farrens
Hartwell, GA - April 7, 2017

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